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I think it adequately describes Crocker's point of view.


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not sonics neither shadows i just love the comic and enjoy reading it.

Started as a sketch last year of a concept for a character whose sadness makes the world happy.

The love between them just exists and it's so visible.. love is not only cuddling, kissing, hugging ang holding hands. I'm of the opinion they both want each other so bad they can taste it, but they've both been screwed over in love so badly that they're afraid to go for it. Don't forget Angrboda and Glut all two of his three of his mythology canon wives.

I never thought I would want anyone to be with Loki in canon 'till I've read Ao A.

May be graduating from university day or wedding day.

So u see she dosent want u to marry her or get dependent on her cos she knows she will leave and return to heaven one on the day of her greatest joy.

Not to mention be eager to start her relationship with Loki again.

Britney Spears has NOT been banned from dating, despite a report from a magazine that tried peddling the same misinformation nearly a year ago.

I think they should resurrect Angrboda and have her become an ally of Loki.

Glut would have been the leader of Iron Wood in her blood sister's absence and would be delighted to see her again.

If Gossip Cop didn’t know better, we’d say we were getting trolled.

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