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On this day in 1779, a Patriot force consisting of 300 men led by Major Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee assaults the defensive positions of the British at Paulus Hook, New Jersey, now known as Jersey City.

The ship saw action in New Guinea, the Aleutian Islands, and the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

It served along the way as the flagship for Admiral Raymond Spruance, Commander of the Fifth Fleet. The impact of the plane itself did little damage, but the pilot managed to drop a bomb that punched a hole in the ship and led to several casualties.

"[A]s medical officer for Admiral Spruance's staff and the only member available, [Lieutenant Commander Lewis L.] Haynes signed for a radio message to the staff from Admiral King: "INDIANAPOLIS UNDER ORDERS OF COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF AND MUST NOT BE DIVERTED FROM ITS MISSION FOR ANY REASON." Haynes was stunned by the implications. It was later sunk by a Japanese submarine in what became the worst naval disaster in US history. Before the war, it transported President Roosevelt on various occasions, including on a tour of South America.

Booze was now eliminated since liquor was not essential for victory." ―Dan Kurzman in Fatal Voyage: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis(hull classification symbol CA-35) was a US Navy cruiser that delivered the components of the Little Boy atomic bomb to Tinian Island.

On the third day of the Dakota (Sioux) uprising in Minnesota, warriors debate whether they should attack a garrison inside of Fort Ridgely.

Concluding that the fort was too strong, the Dakota moved on to the settlement of New Ulm, killing settlers along the way. The Iranian military, with the support and financial assistance of the United States government, overthrows the government of Premier Mohammed Mosaddeq and reinstates the Shah of Iran.

The main character, Billy Pilgrim, is a young soldier who becomes a prisoner of war and works in an underground meat locker, not unlike Vonnegut, but with a notable exception: Pilgrim begins to experience his life out of sequence and revisits different times repeatedly. This exploration of the human condition mixed with the fantastical struck a chord with readers, giving Vonnegut his first best-selling novel.

Emerging as a new literary voice, Kurt Vonnegut became known for his unusual writing style—long sentences and little punctuation—as well as his humanist point of view.

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