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It is shown for the first time that the spatial and temporal distribution of laser accelerated protons can be used as a diagnostic of Weibel instability presence and evolution in the rear surface scale lengths of a solid density target.

Numerical modelling shows that when a fast electron beam is injected into a decreasing density gradient on the target rear side, a magnetic instability is seeded with an evolution which is strongly dependent on the density scale length.

The top three would qualify for the Candidates Tournament.

The top three from the Interzonal were joined by Kushnir, the loser of the last championship match.

Experimentally, this is investigated by using a controlled prepulse to introduce a target rear scale length, which is varied by altering the time delay with respect to the main pulse, and similar trends are measured.

This work is particularly pertinent to applications using laser pulse durations of tens of picoseconds, or where a micron level density scale length is present on the rear of a solid target, such as proton-driven fast ignition, as the resultant instability may affect the uniformity of fuel energy coupling.

In addition, they sometimes follow the convention of writing the Korean-style indicator before the time; it is not uncommon to encounter times expressed in such a way, e.g., “ jajeong, are sometimes used to indicate and respectively—much in the same way the English words noon and midnight are used.

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A plethora of laser accelerated proton beam applications have been the subject of intense speculation since the target normal sheath acceleration mechanism heralded beams with unrivalled emittance, source bunch lengths and densities.

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