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This is also true for Ceboruco lava flow, and overall mean directions and palaeointensities were then used for palaeomagnetic dating applying the Matlab tool and the global palaeosecular variation model SHA. For the 1870 lava flow, the dating resulted in an age ranging between 17 AD (95 per cent probability level), which includes the real emplacement age.

In addition, the Ceboruco lava flow was dated between 10 AD, which is close to the large plinian Jala eruption producing the crater of Ceboruco volcano around 1005 AD.

So I stayed there just a little bit to catch my breath.

And the mud welled around and what the heck, it felt kind of comfortable.

LOCKWOOD: We're up here in a very dry, dry area, it's all beautifully clear and you can walk anywhere you want. The Hawaiian word for the rain forest, is Mau Kali. And I think that all geologists, at least myself, certainly thought it was a muddy place, you'd go into it, sometimes you'd get lost. I was walking through a particularly muddy area, and a little bit tired and I tripped, something caught my feet and I fell. And I looked up, and when I looked up in the trees it was a sunny day, but not much sun gets down to the base of the forest.

That's where the plants are most abundant in terms of different kinds of species. As I was doing this, I started, for the first time I started to hear the birds.

The younger one was emitted in 1870 and used to validate the method, while the older one known as Ceboruco flow is of unknown age but probably younger than ∼1005 AD and older than 1528 AD.

Each flow was sampled in at least four sites, in order to unravel between site variations.

Future volcanic hazard analysis will have to take into account this result.

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