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Two women who were harassed took photos of two of the men with their mobile phones, however the quality of the photos is not very good as it was already very dark outside.

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Most of the assaults happened between 11.30pm and 1.30am in Marktplatz, when the noise and excitement was at a peak.

A further four women have reported that they were sexually assaulted during New Year's Eve celebrations in the city of Salzburg.

In addition, talk shows, liturgy , counseling and health programs are being aired.

The Österreichischer Rundfunk (-Austrian Broadcasting-, ORF) is the Austrian national public service broadcaster.

Mr Zeger said that if the hunting society wanted to escape any further legal issues, and the inadvertent snapping of the public, then it should reduce the resolution of the cameras to a point that would make it impossible to indentify an individual from a picture.

Eleven women, from Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, told police that they were harassed and groped by a group of men in and around Innsbruck's Marktplatz, where public Silvester celebrations were taking place.

Most girls report an accurate location, but some may not.

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Conservationists have long planted hidden cameras in forests to observe wildlife's natural habitat.

But the Carinthian Hunting Society got more than it bargained for when the camera snapped images of an Austrian politician having sex in Austria's Carinthian Forest, reports the .

A police spokesman said it's likely that it was one group of men who harassed the various women, and that the men “had a system”.

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